Reconnect to a PURE world, YTL Hotels' activities programme that vivifies the senses; immersing you in the vibrancy, scents, textures, sounds and tastes of the natural environment and cultural heritage of the region. Here, where time is measured by the rise and fall of tides, the island, and the pace at which you choose to experience its endless wonders, is yours.

Padi Snorkelling & Dive Programmes


Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park lies within The Coral Triangle, known as the world’s marine epicentre. Home to diverse marine life exceeding 75% of species known to science with coral gardens found 20 metres from the shore; this underwater realm has over 25 dive spots for all year exploration. Programmes are conducted around 5 islands within the marine park.

Fishing Excursions


Set sail in the wake of the seafaring Bajau Laut, Sabah’s marine nomads. Whether a novice or an experienced angler, these exhilarating experiences led by the resort’s expert guides allow you to explore the ocean’s depths aboard a charter boat. These seasonal activities include refreshments and can comfortably accommodate up to 6 anglers.

Take a chartered trip to Mengalum Island, where history lends itself back in time to the 16th century and is associated with the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan across Asian waters, for a unique fishing excursion. Located about 20 nautical miles away, it is also the pre-designated game fishing area for the annual Sabah International Fishing Tournament whereby participating anglers are restricted to only fishing within 20 miles radius around the island.

Species that can be encountered include wahoo, dorado, tuna, giant trevally, barracuda and even rainbow runner. Billfish like marlin and sailfish are rare but can be spotted occasionally.
A wide variety of marine and inland fishing spots offer a plethora of fish species and present the casual angler with an opportunity to discover one of the world's top fishing destinations. Anglers can test their skills at nearby island waters with depths of more than 150 metres and attempt to catch amberjacks, ruby, kerisi bali or black grouper species.
Guided Nature Walks


Discover an exceptional botanic reserve, diverse wildlife and a rare, undisturbed mixed dipterocarp forest, found only on this island within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Our nature walks offer an environmental education voyage with our Resident Naturalist with limited guests allowed daily to minimise human impact to the wildlife and their habitat.
Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre


The marine centre advocates 3 key conservation themes - Turtle Rescue, Coral Reef Restoration and Conservation Through Education. Our resident marine biologist and dedicated team work together with equally passionate partners, championing initiatives to protect marine life, raise awareness for sustainable seafood choices and aim for pollution-free waters.

Borneo Craftworks


With over 32 ethnic entities in Sabah, handicrafts lend an insight into the cultural identity and history of each group. Each craft is unique to their ethnicity like brightly hued beadwork for the Rungus while the Kadazandusun are notable weavers using plant fibres to make products. Try creating your own handicraft memento with our complimentary classes.